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Awarded Research Grants



  • Digital Aspects of 4th IR Cross-Creative Learning Environment for Autism using Robots (RM95,000) - Co-researcher for Project Team UTeM (2019)


  • Analysing the Impact of Blockchain Technology Adoption in the Logistic and Transportation Business in Malaysia: A Case Study Research (RM160,000) - Principal Researcher for Project Team UTeM (2018)
  • Examining the Blockchain Technology Adoption in Malaysia FinTech Sector: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (RM40,000) - Co-researcher for Project Team UTeM (2018)


  • GAGReM: A Novel Framework of 3D-finite-different time-domain (FDTD) with genetic algorithm (GA) hybridization using geometry refinement method (GRM) –TRGS/1/2014/UTEM/02/1/2 (RM169,000)  - Co-researcher


  • A Novel Neuroscience(NeuroIS) Approach on the Acceptance of iBook Content by University Students - RAGS/1/2014/ICT05/UTEM/1 (RM57,500) -Co-researcher


  • Synthesization on Nanonets Devices using Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Technique for Solar Cloth Green Technology – FRGS (RACE)/2013/FKEKK/TK3/3 F00196 (RM 43,500) – Co-researcher

  • Optimization of Radar Cross Section (RCS) on X Band Vivaldi Antenna using Genetic Algorithm (GA) Hybridization with Geometry refinement Method (GRM) – FRGS(RACE)/2013/FKEKK/TK3/1 /F00194 (RM 49,700) – Co-researcher


  • War Driving - Assessing Wireless Security Implementation in Government and Private Sector Companies in Southern Region FRGS/2007/FTMK(1) F0048 (RM67,000) - Principal researcher

  • A Novel Range Point of Contact Method in Single Phase Collision Detection Scheme for Rigid Bodies Virtual Reality Simulation - FRGS/1/2015/ICT05/FTMK/03/F00294 (RM 56,000) - Co-researcher

UTeM Short Grant (Prototype)

  • UTeM T-Learn - The Development of an Edutainment UTeM Mobile Tv Programme Using On-Demand Streaming Technology PJP/2014/FTMK/PROTOTAIP/S01376 (RM 19,080) - Co-researcher

UTeM Short Grant

  • The Development of an Interoperable Local Content GIS-based Smart Phone using Hybrid Map Application to Enhance GIS-based Location Information Enquiry Systems (GISBalies) - PJP/2018/FTMK(6B)/S01634 (RM20,000) - Principal researcher

  • An Optimization of Mist Beamforming Technique for Tumor Detection using Microwave Front End Radar – PJP/2013/FTMK(19C)/S01246 (RM17,100) - Principal researcher

  • An Economical Technique Smart Visitor Management System – PJP/2013/FTMK(16A)/S01224- Co-researcher

  • Deployment of IPV6 Network Testbed in UTeM - PJP/2008/FTMK (2)/S00438 (RM15,000) - Co-researcher

  • The Development of Context Aware Ubiquitous Learning System for Campus Environment – PJP/2007/FTMK(5)/S358 (RM 20,318) – Co-researcher

  • Enhancing the Generic Pattern for Online Booking System in Open Source Platform by using Agent Mechanism - PJP/2007/FTMK (4)/S00384 - Co-researcher

  • War Driving – Assessing Wireless Security Implementation in Government and Private Sector Companies in Malacca - PJP/2006/FTMK (11)/S00249 (RM18,000) - Principal researcher

Research Supervisions

  • Richard Kodong (Co-supervisor, PhD): Food Security Using Smart Farming in Rice Crop

  • Ali Abdul-Hussein Hassan Habib (Co-supervisor, PhD): Optimal Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Mahmoud A. M. Sammour (Co-supervisor, PhD): Enhanced Firewall Policy with Machine Learning for Detecting DNS Tunneling

  • Waleed Saeed Mahmoud Ali (Co-supervisor, Masters): Managing Risk for Enterprise Resource Planning Software Project in Developing Countries

  • Md Ahsanul Bari (Principal supervisor, Masters): The Development of an E-Health Web Based Application Framework Based on Cloud Technology

  • Mohammed Farid Ahmed Mohammed (Co-supervisor, Masters): An Examination of Critical Success Factors of Cloud Computing Adoption in Oil and Gas Companies

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